School Policies


Student Placement: Determined and governed by the School Faculty, a student’s placement will be commensurate with his/her level of skill and experience.

Absenteeism & Tardiness: Students are expected to attend their scheduled classes on a regular, timely basis and are asked not to schedule other activities or appointments that affect their attendance.

Only illness or emergency is considered an excused absence from class. In such instance, a Student (or Student’s parent or guardian) must notify NJYT (908-233-3200) of the illness or emergency within 12–24 hours prior to the absence. An absence from class for reasons other than illness or emergency respectfully requires 24-hours advance notice to NJYT.

Promptness is an essential part of training and, therefore, it is essential that students arrive to class on time. Tardiness (late arrival to class) interferes with a student’s progress and disturbs other students in the class.            Reasonable explanations may be acceptable, but habitual tardiness is not acceptable and may, at the discretion of the Class Instructor, disallow a student’s return to class.

A Student who is absent from or late to class three (3) times in a Semester for reasons other than illness or emergency will be suspended from that class and subject to a Reinstatement Fee (See “Other Fees”), if the student elects to rejoin that class.

A Student in Private Voice is assigned a specific time-slot (a specific day and time, constant from lesson to lesson during the school year) for the period of his/her paid enrollment in Private Voice. Lessons are scheduled once a week or once every two weeks.            (Minimum enrollment is 4 private lessons.

Each Voice student, within the first two weeks following enrollment, will receive a Contact List of names and phone numbers of all the students enrolled in Private Voice lessons. If, for reasons other than illness or emergency, a voice student cannot attend his/her scheduled voice lesson, then the student, student’s parent(s) or guardian must (1) provide NJYT with 48-hours advance notice of the absence, and (2) prior to the absence, personally arrange to exchange lessons with another NJYT voice student (on the Contact List) or to find another voice student (on the Contact list) willing to take the lesson in question as an additional lesson. In either case, the intended absentee or his/her parent(s)/guardian must notify the school with the name of the student who will fill the time-slot. If the time-slot cannot be filled, then the student intending to be absent will assume the cost of the lesson.

Makeup Class: A Dance, Acting or Musical Theatre student returning to class from an excused absence may, in addition to that class, take any (age-/skill-appropriate) class of his/her choosing (except for Private Voice class) as a makeup. A private voice student returning from an excused absence may take an open voice slot (when available and only if the Student’s recent payment covers that slot) or a musical theatre class (age-/skill-appropriate) as a makeup.

The makeup class for an excused absence is at no additional cost, provided that NJYT is notified of the absence within the hours specified under the Absenteeism policy above. Any unexcused absence does not entitle the student to a free class makeup.

Registration Fee and Initial Class Tuition: Both are due at time of registration, either in cash or by personal check made payable to NJYT. NEITHER WILL BE PRORATED OR REFUNDABLE. Students who owe Tuition for prior-year classes will not be allowed in any class in the current year until back tuition is paid in full, along with a Late Payment Fee (See “Other Fees”). Without exception, class tuition is to be paid in advance or on the day tuition is due for your selected Payment Plan.

Changing Payment Plan: You may switch your “Payment Plan” only once in a semester. This may only occur within the first two weeks of the semester for the new Plan to apply.

Studio/Facility Damage: Student and its parent(s) or guardian shall be fully liable for the repair or replacement of any part of the premises deliberately altered, defaced, mutilated, changed, or otherwise damaged by the Student.

Insurance: Student or Student’s parent(s) or legal guardian shall maintain, at its sole cost, Primary Accident Medical insurance to cover Student while in class or on studio premises.