Dance Classes New Jersey

Looking for Dance Classes in New Jersey?

If you’re looking for dance classes in New Jersey, NJ Youth Theatre provides a variety of dance classes for serious performing arts students (age 8–21+) who are interested in learning ballet, tap and jazz.

Throughout the next eight months (two semesters) of dance classes, we look forward to providing an excellent learning opportunity for all dance students throughout New Jersey interested in developing dance and performing arts skills.

Our professional teaching staff will provide instruction in the disciplines and techniques of acting, dance, drama, musical theatre and vocal performance.

dance classes new jerseyBallet I:

Learn the standard ballet vocabulary, the positions, port de bras, and other ballet techniques. This class consists of work at the barre, combinations in center – floor and across the floor. Students develop flexibility, strength, discipline, and a good technical foundation, the elements necessary for all forms of dance.

Dress Code – Ladies: black leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes, hair securely pulled back off the face; Gentlemen: T-shirt, dance pants, ballet flats or jazz shoes.

Open Ballet:

This class is designed to enhance a student’s basic technique and classical ballet training. Various levels of experience are accommodated in the class, from beginners to advanced. This class is especially beneficial to drama and musical theatre high school/college students who have never studied ballet and need the technique to enhance their other performing arts skills.

Dress Code – Same as Ballet I.

Ballet-Jazz I & II:

These combination classes of ballet and jazz technique cover isolations, flexibility and strength exercises, with strong emphasis on turns, combinations in center-floor and across the floor that engage styles of jazz, funk, and Broadway dance from musical theatre productions.

Prerequisite: For Ballet – Jazz I, you must be at least eleven years of age with a minimum of two consecutive years of Ballet within the last three years. Ballet-Jazz II is more advanced.

Dress Code – Ladies: dance pants can be added to the ballet attire, jazz shoes or sneakers (nothing bulky); Gentlemen: T-shirt, dance pants, and jazz shoes or sneakers (nothing bulky).

Beginners’ Tap I:

Learn tap vocabulary, basic tap steps and rhythms. This class starts with tap exercises at the barre, then moves to center-floor and across the floor covering simple combinations and turns; Tap II is slightly more advanced.

Dress Code – Ladies: any color leotard and tights or t-shirt and dance pants, tap shoes;
Gentlemen: T-shirt and dance pants, tap shoes.


This class goes beyond Beginners’ Tap I. Students focus on syncopated rhythms and syllables, more complex combinations and turns in center-floor and across the floor.
Prerequisite: Minimum of two consecutive years of Beginners’ Tap.
Dress Code – Same as Beginners’ Tap I.


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