Helping Hands Fundraiser – Support The Arts!

Helping Hands Fundraiser – Support The Arts!

N.J Youth Theatre

Needs Your Support with this Fundraiser

Fundagroup-imageWe're using a unique online fundraising program and we need your help to make it a success. Unlike other fundraising programs were not looking for you to make any monetary contribution. Instead were asking you to be one of our loyal members and tell your friends and contacts about how much you believe in our program and why it's worth supporting. You don't have to call anybody, mail, sell anything, or stick a sign in your front yard. Instead by using the programs found at you only need to register as one of our " helping hands" members and use social media in an e-mail to request support. All the funds go directly to our group to help us put on our Winter Benefit Concert. When you register we will keep track of all the donations and we're offering some fabulous prizes that you can win just by asking for support. Your friend will be rewarded too with prize offers that may be worth more than the amount they donated. It's a Win-Win-Win!

You can help us by doing one of two things:

1. Register to be a helping hand member:

GO HERE and Click where it says: "Part of this group --- Create an Account" and follow the instructions to register as a member.

By creating an account, anyone who donates can do it in your name, making you eligible for prizes. You'll be saying you are a member of our team and want to see our programs continue  While you don't need to donate any money we encourage you to send out the link to your own fans and followers on social media.   Spread the word!

As soon as you register you can use e-mail or the social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to tell your friends about our fundraiser request and encourage them to offer their support in the way of a small donation.

And you can win Great Prizes

This is the easy part because your friends and their contacts will determine if you're going to be one of the winners of the categories listed below. Get a lot of friends that will make a minimum $10 donation and you could win the highest number category. Get a few friends who will donate as much is $75 and you could win the highest average dollar category. Just keep asking for support and watch for an e-mail from your group that reads: " you're a big winner!"

2. Make a small donation: if you don't want to register you can help right now by going to your donation page listed above and choose one of the people who did register and make a donation to our group.

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